I always felt that there is something special in making images for people in love and at the same time use language, conceptualism, form. I felt the same for making fashion, it can be enlightened, emotive and resourceful. I’m inspired not having to choose between being impactful or fashion-influenced as my images could contain all contradictions and still be very direct, less about me and more about the people in them. I have always been enchanted by humanity, because all that we experience radiates a sense of promise. Emotions are intrepid, love is palliative, and it is always so great when you get to live an adventure to experience the big picture in all its nuances. From a curatorial perspective I wish my clients to have it all and I like this idea that their relationships can last past a vogue. We look to give you photos to make you smile. And cry. And produce every emotion in between. My style is simple, every shot must tell a story. My approach is love and emotion. We love elegance and simplicity.My work is about telling your authentic story and capturing the excitement, the surprising moments, the moments unplanned, the moments that perhaps you do not even remember.

Capturing the beauty and the drama, the intimate moments and intricate details, photographers are the poets that artistically paint a picture of your wedding. Combining light, tone and composition with an instinctual eye for extracting the rawest, most meaningful of moments, their role is pivotal in documenting the day.

There is LOVE

We have the ability to endure. His roots run deep, his conviction is strong. He’s an original who broke the mold and still has the power to be poetic, wonderful, endless. His inventory sees no boundaries or conventions, and his legacy enthralls us…


There is JOURNEY

It keeps us dreaming day and night. Its vision is alluring, trailblazing, surprisingly new -imagination leads the way. With each stride we make, and every notch we tread, it delivers on its promise to lift us and inspire our future together … 



Your wedding day is one of the most highly curated days and the party of your lives. It is only natural that you have pressing questions about each fold and seam. Having photographed outstanding people at their best, I always get to appreciate that “soft skills” matter, and that to capture a poignant narrative one should not only be exceptionally immersed in each couple’s wedding-world and their romantic streak, but also stand by them and their planning team every step of the way.

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I love to tell wedding stories with a delicate and artistic approach.


Anh khoa & lieu ha trinh

editorial in Sai gon

Dung gee & vy pham

Gennady & Jess marries

editorial in Sai Gon

gia tran & tany phung


The real you. Through my lens, I want to get to know you. Know what moves you, what makes you smile. Capture your vulnerability and frame that what is going on beneath the surface. Capturing the moment, capturing you. As a wedding, fashion and portrait photographer I am driven to capture your stories in a pure, unique and authentic way, while still keeping the romance and elegance of each and every moment. Timeless images that will always bring you back to that one moment that you will always treasure.

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